The relationship between UAE and UK has gained in strength in the recent years and there are immense growth opportunities from both sides. Trade between the UAE and UK has steadily increased in the last 10 years.

UAE and UK aim to double trade to £25 billion by 2020. During 2016, UAE imported $9 billion which is 2.2% of the total UK exports during 2016 and ranks 14 among the top trading partners in terms of export sales. The UAE-UK Business Council, which was created in 2011, took the lead in working towards this target. The Business Council’s mission is to increase bilateral trade and investment, and to help and encourage UK companies do business in the UAE and vice versa, and to identify opportunities for UK/UAE cooperation in third markets.

When you think about expanding beyond your home market and doing business globally, the UAE is the ideal location to reach the Gulf Countries, Asian and African markets. We have made it convenient for you by having someone at your doorstep to assist you and smooth the process for you.

Our representative/agent in the UK based in London is available to facilitate the process and assist you step by step to take advantage of the business opportunities available for you in the Gulf and the surrounding region. Our corporation offers a variety of services to assist companies in making informed investment decisions, including information on:

  • One-stop shop Business set up and company formation solutions. Various options on how to set up business in the UAE, both in mainland and free zones across major cities.
  • One stop shop service for a hassle free market entry.
  • Corporate Trade House for exporters.
  • Market research tailored for your business needs.
  • Easy access to government departments.

Our UK agent/representative is ready to help.

Please contact: Mrs Fayha Sultan, Email: fayha.sultan@cbs-uae.ae T: +44 77 4341 8518