Corporate Trade House

Corporate Trade House CTH is an International Trading House with commercial intermediaries specialized in the long-term development of trade in goods and services supplied by other parties. CTH focuses on promoting trade and services on behalf of companies as well importing, exporting as a core activity using our infrastructure as well as procurement networks to service potential suppliers and customers.  To this end, CTH adopts the role of merchants, consortia managers, agents on behalf of the manufacturers and trade facilitators of various sorts of industry. 

CTH is certified by and registered with local governments and with Chambers of Commerce. We have a network locally and regionally for marketing and are experts at sourcing and procurement. CTH also proves expertise in trade support services. 


Customers benefit from dealing with a company, which has a proven record of reliability in local and regional trading as well as a commitment to long term relationships. Buyers thus get confidence regarding the supply of their goods in accordance with commitments of quality and delivery. CTH will deal in a range of products and will provide a "one-stop" market facility.