27 July, 2020
steps for business setup

14 Steps to a Successful Business Setup

Once a business owner successfully completes a business setup in Dubai, the business operations can commence in full flow. Along with the formal company registration, the business may continue to engage with business advisory services in Dubai for smoother service delivery in an optimized fashion. To know more about the business advisory services in Dubai that a new company must look for, do read our earlier column here. However, prior to engaging with business advisory services in Dubai, it is important to know the steps involved in a company registration process and to get a refresher on the business setup […]
10 July, 2020
freezone or mainland business

Which is more Lucrative? Mainland or Free Zone Business?

Entrepreneurs already go through difficult and turbulent times trying to convert their need into an idea, and then present it as a lucrative business ready to operate. It is therefore a huge milestone when they successfully complete their company registration process. But as start-up owners, or even as senior management of global firms trying to complete a company registration process successfully in Dubai, the first question that needs to be answered is also the most important one – do you get a mainland business license, or do you look the other way and complete a free zone business setup? What […]
7 July, 2020
business setup policies

A Review of the Business Setup Policies in UAE

Business setup in Dubai can be a pretty daunting and overwhelming exercise. While on the one side you have the requirement to turn your idea into a running business, you also need to ensure full adherence to all the Government processes and paperwork demands. It is only upon successful adherence to all processes that one can complete a new company establish and operate their business in Dubai. Due to the ever-changing business environment, the need for companies that provide business advisory in Dubai has increased. It is now a benchmarked practice that one takes the help of companies providing business […]
1 July, 2020
private vs shared office space

Private vs Shared Office Space | A Clash between Tradition and Modernism

As a strategically located country between the east and the western parts of the world, the UAE is one of the preferred destinations for many entrepreneurs to setup their business. However, there is one legal requirement here, which can also be utilized appropriately by businesses to achieve competitive advantage. Do you know what that is? Indeed, it is obtaining a shared office or private office space. Why do I need an Office Space? The law mandates that every business should necessarily have an office space associated with its trade license. From the legal perspective, the office may be a coworking […]
11 June, 2020

Five Benefits of a Freezone Business Setup

Business people and entrepreneurs always think of what would be the right jurisdiction for their company formation in Dubai. While some businesses get established in the Dubai mainland, some others get their business setup in free zones. In some cases, multiple entities get formed across mainland and free zone jurisdictions. Businesses look for the right kind of benefit that they derive from their company formation in Dubai. The right and optimal business setup in Dubai could work as a strategic advantage in the long run. What is a Freezone Business Setup? In the UAE, and more in Dubai, free zones […]
9 June, 2020
business sponsorship

How Relevant is Business Sponsorship in 2020

Each year, foreign investors, entrepreneurs and businessmen establish companies in UAE and quite often they get their business setup done in Dubai. In some cases, the jurisdiction is a free zone and in some cases, the jurisdiction is Dubai mainland. For certain sectors, the mainland business setup is mandatory, such as the construction business. As per the UAE Government laws, mainland businesses are required to have local sponsorship for their business to legally operate. While some types of business do not require the corporate sponsor on their trade license, they would still require a local service agent to freely operate […]
20 May, 2020
business investment

How various Types of Business Investments help your Business Grow?

Your business is up and running – and you seek to maximize returns from all the business investments you have made. What are the alternate avenues you have for bringing the right return on your investment? More importantly, how do you ensure steadiness and continuity? Keenly research Investment Opportunities: The Dubai market is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities for any investor. The expanse, strategic location, visionary government and ease of doing business always put Dubai as one of the top investment opportunities. Naturally, as an investor, you need to see your investment opportunities look lucrative and also find […]
15 May, 2020
business setup and economy

How to make your Business Setup Survive the Current Economic Conditions?

Tough economic conditions always bring the best out of businesses. Sometimes the challenges can be too hard to face, while in other cases the conditions could be manageable – but what matters is the resilience with which businesses continue to optimize returns from their business investment, thrive, and keep going. The first step in any business is the business setup process. So in current economic conditions, what should the company registration process involve? How can the business continue to provide services for businesses? Setting up an LLC Business: The right legal structure can take your business across many horizons. In […]
29 April, 2020
Instant Licence

Dubai Instant License fees reduced to AED 250

The Dubai Economy has announced that the fees for an instant license has been reduced significantly from AED 3,000 to AED 250 until further notice. The instant license process of the Dubai Economy saw 550 licenses established in Q1 2020, which together saw 1,746 different owners across these licenses. Of the business owners, 88% belonged to the nationalities of UK, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, India, Pakistan, China, Sudan and the Philippines. These 550 licenses saw 73% belonging to the commercial category, while 27% were of the professional category. The reduced fee will also be applicable when the license […]
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