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Product Registration in UAE

A more cost-effective method of entering the UAE market is to utilize existing trading companies for registering your products. This would imply that the product is owned by the partner and registered under the name of the partner for the UAE region. Through this method, businesses can gauge the market feedback and response to their product, while minimizing the financial outflow associated with a full-fledged structure.

As a product registration service provider, the responsibility lies solely in selling limited quantities of the product in question. The key aspect is that the market intelligence and response be diligently obtained and relayed back to you, so that your business strategy may be duly revisited.

CTH can register products on our name as we are a registered general trading entity. Our experts have the required market expertise to gather product information from all channels and to provide required market research to you. We aim to provide a cost-effective market entry strategy for you through this method.

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